Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Safe Butt Exercise

SFF believes in long term fitness and exercises that can be executed for years to come without injury.   There may be  plenty of other butt exercises that may be more effective, BUT what are the trade-offs?

In my opinion the squat motion exercises have a high effective rating but also a high injury rating.  Take a close look at people who perform squats, yes they have nice legs and butts, however they may be suffering from some sort of knee or back pain, if not now then soon, some even use knee braces.  Most trainers love this exercise because it produces quick results and makes people sore.  What they should be teaching are long term safe exercises.

Switch to or try the bent-leg raise exercise instead, you can use ankle weights as well.  You may not look as cool, but you will prevent injury and be able to continue with your long term fitness goals.  While it may seem like the others are getting stronger, faster and looking better, don't worry, while they are on the side of the road broken and damaged you will whiz on by on the fitness highway.  Remember the tortoise and the hare story?

Stay on the long term fitness highway!

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