Stress Free Overview

The stress free fitness philosophy or concept consist of three core elements; Motivation, Consistency and Visualization.  Together these elements, when working together, create a baseline or foundation for all fitness programs. Just about everything in life needs or has a foundation and nothing lasts too long without a good one. Therefore in order for an exercise program to provide long term positive results you must be aware of the foundation and get it energized or sparked and get the elements rotating.  In my opinion everyone has the fire or at least a pilot light burning, so SPARK IT UP!

Another stress free factor is the idea that exercising should be an uncomplicated process.  Exercising should also be a long term part of  your life, like the need to go to work, grocery shopping, mortgage or vehicle payments.  Life is already hard enough, no need to make it harder. So relax, realize it's a long term investment, take your time, and do it right.

In today's society everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW! and with little effort.  Whatever happened to the belief that sometimes you need to start at the bottom to reach the top?  No one seems to want a low level jobs anymore, right to manager level and today's youth, taking chemicals to enhance muscular appearance and strength.  Anyway, I hope you get the picture, so try not to fall into the "RIGHT NOW" trap.

Ever wonder why you start and stop working out?

Ever wonder why some exercise routines don't seem to work after time?

Ever wonder why you don't have the desire to work out?

Tired of how your body looks?

Do you think getting into shape is too difficult?

In an effort to provide more insight and help you better achieve your fitness goals I have created this site.  This site does not provide or promote any specific routine or program other than a basic routine.  Instead I will try to provide specific answers to the most common failures and allow you to see and use the fitness foundation to create your own program and never stop exercising again.

I'm not a Dr. or some trainer that has learned from books or pompous professors.  I'm just a regular hard working person that does not have time to work out everyday or spend hours at the gym.  My knowledge was gained through trial and error and over 20 years of application experience.  Too many times I have seen out of shape trainers providing the same ole instructions or people start working out only to stop soon after.  Remember these trainers are paid to get quick results, but can you sustain what they teach for 10 or more years on your own?  After awhile you will need to sustain your own flame or element rotation on your own.  Some of my explanations may not be clear, so feel free to join the forum (coming soon) or contact me for more details.

Stress Free Fitness Goals

My intent and your goal should be to get these elements to rotate or resonate so that minimal energy is required to maintain your long term fitness, therefore achieving STRESS FREE FITNESS!

Other stress free fitness goals; are to get you to think outside the box, listen to your body, align your body an soul, and achieve long term health.  Like a cook that needs no directions or measuring cup, or a mechanic that can get inside a motor with his mind and see the failure, or a Dr. that can visualize the inside of a body and know the illness.  My hope is that you too will be able to examine your own body and know what it needs and takes to shape it.