Stress Free Elements

The stress free fitness philosophy or concept consist of three core elements; Motivation, Consistency and Visualization.  Together these elements, when working together, create a baseline or foundation for all fitness programs by feeding or pushing one another causing a resonating effect. My intent is for you to fire up your elements and get them to rotate or resonate.

There is no specific cycle or direction in the elements rotation, but generally the motivation element will hopefully drive you to become more fit and get you to the gym, together with the consistency of your routine will provide the visual results you’re looking for, therefore keeping you motivated.  As you can hopefully see this cycle will keep on going, if energized properly.  This resonating effect is what you want to achieve long term fitness and is what will make your fitness program successful.  Once the rotation starts very little effort or energy will be required to keep it going.  Similar to pushing a merry-go-round, after a certain speed you just need to give it a little push.

Be sure to review the specific element pages for some help on energizing the elements.  Also be sure to examine some basic Stress Free Fit guidelines on the Exercise Philosophy page.