Visualization is the element that is energized by seeing a positive result from your routine.  This will then motivate you and keep you consistent.

Visualization also plays a role during exercising or planning an exercise routine.  You must picture in your mind, constantly, how you want your body to look or how you want a specific body part to look.  This image must be in your mind while exercising or while developing a routine.  You must become obsessed with how you want it too look.  For example, if you want to get rid of cellulite on your legs, then research it and get a good visual of how it looks same goes with fat around the belly or plaque in the arteries.

Internal example of cellulite

As you can see, having a good basic knowledge of the human anatomy is necessary.  Visual knowledge of your internal organs, blood vessels, how fat looks on humans, how your heart and lungs look, all of it.  Watch the Discovery channel or read a book that provides good human body pictures.



Meditation is an important part of long term fitness and is something a typical trainer fails to understand.  Meditation will help you to align your body and soul.  Once this is achieved your body will be able to better communicate with you, be it through dreams or by feelings.  Not only will this prepare you to receive your body’s messages, it will also prepare you to receive other universal information. 

The human body is very powerful and capable, so pay attention to it.
Many times when you have pain you're told to ignore it, try the opposite, and actually pay attention to it.  Let your body know you are aware of the pain and damage.

In my opinion, the easiest way to start meditation is to simply stop your visual input.  Pretend you are in total darkness, nothing to see, nothing to think about, and as images come in your mind stare back in the darkness of nothing, with your eyes open.  Practice this and use it when you realize negative thoughts are running through your head. 

Once your mind is blank, begin to scan the inside of your body, like a spotlight is shining on it.  You must have a general picture of how your internals look.  It's like visiting your internals and saying hi.