The Motivation element is the catalyst that sparks the flame and gets the Stress Free Fit elements rotating, essentially a REASON to get fit.  Although motivation is crucial, it cannot sustain the rotation alone, at least not long term.  In order to truly find your motivation you must take a good look at yourself; think long and hard about what motivates you.  Be honest, be selfish and don't be ashamed to find a REASON.  Motivation factors will be different for everyone, depending on age, gender, physical attributes, lifestyle and experience.

Use your pain, your hate, your desire and the fact that what other people think about you matters.  What others think of you can be a strong motivation factor and it is a reason why we make most decisions.  Think about what I just said for a minute and be honest with yourself.  Why do we fix our hair or purchase certain clothes or cars or want certain careers?  As you get older you truly won't care what others think, but until then use it.

For example, as a younger man and to this day my main motivation is the ladies, not for myself, at least not directly. The beauty of women and the thought of giving them something nice to touch is a big factor for me.  Just like men appreciate women that are in shape, women appreciate a man that is in shape tenfold.  Now that I'm older, the tables are shifting more towards the protection of my family and staying alive

If you’re a woman, your motivation might be to have better arms or just lose weight, ask yourself why?  What about to look more attractive or for survival?  Whatever the reason is face it and use it.

If you have hate or pain in your heart, then use it, and let it burn out.  Hate and pain are not good long term motivators. While they might help and get it started in the long run it won't last.  Be sure to find another form of motivation for long term fitness.

So take a look in the mirror and choose a body part you want to change, become obsessed with changing it and have a reason why!  Be sure to VISUALIZE the end state, this will help energize the VISUALIZATION element.
As an example, these photos can be used to motivate you and to visualize your end state or goal.