Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changing Workout Routine

If you travel, don't stress if you can't make it to your gym due to your job.  Take advantage of it by focusing on a particular muscle group based on what equipment is available at the hotel or place you are staying.

There are tons of articles and advice about the need to change your workout routine in order to "shock" the muscles.  A good SFF routine is one that is about 75% consistent, called the core routine, this consistency helps keep your elements rotating.  Change is good, but try to maintain a certain level of consistency. 

My job requires me to travel often, so that provides my change, at times too much.  Some hotel gyms just don't compare to what I'm used to, they lack free weights or machines and good treadmills.  This particular hotel just had an ab machine, stationary bike and elliptical machines.  I typically run, but looks like for a week I will be using a stationary bike or elliptical and some ab machine.  I will still throw in my push-ups and sit-ups, so that some of my core routine remains intact.

SFF believes life will naturally provide the needed workout routine change, so don't stress over all the advice out there pushing change, remain consistent with your routine, "life" will change it for you.